Veterinary Drug Science

By. Lazuardi M, Ratna Sofaria Munir, Nuraini Farida, Roostantia I

Objectives: Dendrophthoe species (Benalu duku) was used commonly in east Java of Indonesia by traditional herbalist to control breast cancer late stadium. The objective of this research was to explored anticancer strength of cancer cell by in vitro test by ethyl acetate

Methods: Four concentrations of crude extract ethyl acetate (10%, 20%, 30% and 40%) were tested with myeloma cell line in 24 wells micro titer plate. Each concentration were consists of three wells cell lines at more than 1.2.10 5 and examined during the two days post treatment. Similar procedures of ringer l actate solution were used as a negative control samples. Implication inhibition activities of b enalu duku were examined by analysis of viabilities cell counted after treated by filtrate samples and comparing with control cells.

Results: The filtrate of Dendrophthoe spec., by extraxct ethyl acetate at ranging 20% to 40% was showed inhibition to growing up of myeloma cell (p<0.05).

Conclusions: The studies described above clearly demonstrate that Loranthaceae dendrophthoe species have an ability anti proliferat ion of cancer culture cell (myeloma cell).

Scientific oral presentation and poster at the first national congress of IVPPA (Download,PDF)

Qualification Frame Work Indonesian Association Veterinary Medical (Download,PDF)