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On April 12th 2011, in Center of  Veterinaria Pharma Inc., General of Livestock Services and Animal Health, Agriculture Department Ahmad Yani Rd, Surabaya was performed a new commissariat of IVPPA, namely 5th Commissariat Region and 6th commissariat region. The 5th commissariat region has a Kalimantan Region  with secretary address on Diagnostic Investigation Clinic Banjar Baru, Ambulung No. 24, Loktabat Selatan, Bandar Baru (70712).  The candidat of   as chief of commissariat 5th is  Sulaxono Hadi, DVM with deputy is  Murshilda Yulian, DVM and secretary as a  Aziz Fuaddy, DVM and Elfa Zuraida, DVM as a manager finance.  The picture at above was Dyah Estikoma,Pharm.,  as a secretary of IVPPA and Prof. Dr. M. Lazuardi, DVM., MSc as a President of IVPPA and Sulaxono Hadi, DVM as a candidate of 5th  chief commissariat

On April 12th 2011 at the same place (Center of Veterinaria Pharma Inc., Directorate General of Livestock Services and Animal Health, Agriculture Department was performed a new commissariat , namely 6th commissariat region with activities region on Sulawesi and Maluku.  The 6th commissariat office address was in Diagnostic Investigation Clinic Maros at Dr.Ratulangi Rd, Maros (Sulawesi). The candidate chief of 6th commissariat was Effendi, DVM and Alfinus, DVM as a deputy, and also Dini Marmansari, DVM as a Secretary with Dini Wahyu as a finance manager.  The picture at above was shown from left to right as follows : Imam Suryanto, DVM., MSc as a deputy of Center of Veterinary Pharma Inc., and Ketut Budiarsa, DVM., MSc as a IVPPA Board and Dyah Estikoma, pharm as a secrteray of IVPPA and Prof. M. Lazuardi as a President of IVPPA and Sulaxono Hadi as a Chief  Candidate of 5th commissariat and Effendi, DVM as a Chief Candidate of 6th commissariat of IVPPA.

The picture at above from left to right was follows : Prof. M. Lazuardi, Sulaxono hadi DVM and Effendi DVM at performed a new commissariat of IVPPA.

The original document about the new commissariat of IVPPA (April 12th 2011)  at Banjar Baru (South of Kalimantan) and Maros (South of Sulawesi) were as follows;

Berita Acara 5(Download, PDF)

SK Pembentukan Komisariat 5(Download, PDF)

Berita Acara 6(Download, PDF)

SK Pembentukan Komisariat 6(Download, PDF)

SK Perbaikan Komisariat wilayah V(Download, PDF)

On Friday May 7th 2011 in Div. Livestock Services, West of  Java Province  in H Juanda rd Bandung., The new commissariat of  IVPPA was launched, namely 7th commissariat with activities area on East of  Java Province  other than Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi region

Socialization of IVPPA at West of Java Region of  Indonesia Veterinary Medicine Association in Bandung, May 7th 2011 (Picture at above)

The president of IVPPA was explained about IVPPA in Indonesia on socialization activities at May 7th 2011, in Bandung (Picture at above)

The president of IVPPA was discussed about activities of IVPPA, May 7th 2011 in Bandung (Picture at above)

The new organization or new commissariat of IVPPA at West of Java province  (Picture at above)

SK Pembentukan Komisariat Wilayah VII AFFAVETI (Download,PDF)

The IVPPA was make action with themes :  first standardization curriculum of Pharmacology and second activities of standardization curriculum of Veterinary Pharmacy  at 24-25 of June 2011 in Department of Pharmacology Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Gadjah Mada University. That curriculum were specific for student university at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Indonesia.

The new activity of IVPPA on 4 to 8 June 2012 in Center of Research Diseases and Diagnostic Laboratory in Maros, Makassar as a workshop about determined of withdrawal time for vet. drug.  The picture at above illustrate that participant workshop was relaxing and compact to solve the problem of vet. residues in Indonesia.

Early of 2013, the IVPPA make a new taskfoce with working area on ethical animal clearannce for using drug testing or other scientific activity as follows :  SURAT TUGAS TIM BIOETK PENGGUNAAN HEWAN COBA, ORGAN HEWAN DAN GEMOS, LEMOS (TIM BIOETIK HEWAN COBA Download.PDF)

In 18 of march 2013 at Jayakarta Hotel Yogyakarta will be launched a new  subcommissariat of IVPPA under controlled commissariat  II, namely subcommissariat II at  Diagnostic Investigation Clinic  (Balai Besar Veteriner) Wates, Yogyakarta (SK Pembentukan Sub-Komisariat II Affaveti, Download PDF).  The other a new subcommisarriat namely was sub commisarriat VII under controlled commissriat VII at Diagnostic Investigation Clinic, Subang, West of Java (Sk Pembentukan Sub-Komisariat VII AFFAVETI, Download PDF)

Moment in Syiah Kuala Universityaculty of Veterinary Medicine at May, 13  of 2013  was already launching the  new commissariat of IVPPA  in Aceh area worker.  President of IVPPA , Dean and also Deputy of Dean of Syiah Kuala University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine were supported for launching activity.

All persons at above   was supporting  to  launch the  new commissariat in Aceh area worker start at may 13, 2013.

All of persons in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Syiah Kuala University were hopefully that the new commissariat in Aceh  should be up dating and professional in their future activities.  (The photo was taken  at May 13 of 2013 in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kuala University)